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Mr. Paul Naki & The King's Guard
Paul Naki Mr. Paul Naki remains the world's most recognized leader in military exhibition drill education, training and safety. Beginning his drill career as a cadet on the powerful McKinley High School drill team in Honolulu, Hawaii in the late 1970's, Mr. Naki developed a bold style that stood out among the elite on the island through the famous program. Back in the day, safety was the furthest think on this young man's mind as he greatly expanded the movements that anyone had considered possible to execute with a 10-pound rifle! Many of these moves while commonplace today had never been seen before, ESPECIALLY with a driller of such powerful but diminutive stature.

Mr. Naki continued to perfect his craft and after his high school career had ended, he sought to join the preeminent King's Guard drill team (the most prestigious drill program on the island). His training and background allowed him to move quickly through the rigorous training program in a matter of weeks, versus the standard multi-month time frame.

Members of the King's Guard were originally recruited in 1972 to create a special attraction which would revive and preserve the 19th century history in Hawaii, according to the King's Village website. Promoters wanted an attraction that would emulate Guards during the time period as well as utilize talents of the drill team. Mr. Naki grew to become the Director of the King's Guard. His ability to blend the traditional Hawaiian style with new and innovative drill he has pushed for years gave the guard both a reinvigorated style that was hugely positive but also maintained the homage to the past that played well on the big island and for the daily gathered crowds for their evening performances at the King's Village in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Spending over 15 years as an active performer on the guards, and then spending even longer as the Director, Mr. Naki has become synonymous with this famous performance unit. His work in all aspects of exhibition drill have become legendary. To this day, Mr. Naki is one of the finest drillers to have ever picked up a rifle. Modest and soft-spoken, the Guards reflect his personality. The video link below is a great representation of the King's Guard drilling at the King's Village in Honolulu.-- powerful, unpretentious, with a quiet confidence, just like the video shows! Mr. Naki is often referred to as "the Yoda of Military Drill".

Mr. Naki gives back often, as he provides safety training for JROTC instructors and exhibition drill direction across Hawaii and especially through his involvement with the Nationals Drill Camp, to cadets around the world. He has been asked to testify in court about safety matters involving drill as his background as both a performer and an administrator give him a unique ability to influence much in the world of drill safety and education. As a former wild man with a rifle in his youth, Mr. Naki has spent considerable time in recent years working with largely younger cadets and JROTC instructors teaching them proper safety techniques he often emphasizes as implementing "perceived risk" versus "actual risk".

Kings Guard

Without question to many, the most exciting and crowd-pleasing exhibition drill team currently in existence today remains the King's Guard (shown here performing on stage at the 2011 NHSDTC Awards Ceremony). Their unique blend of precision, power and showmanship have captured crowds in every corner of the globe. The perform daily at the King's Village in Honolulu Hawaii in humble surrounding. Back in the day, no visit to Honolulu, Hawaii could be considered complete without at least ONE visit to watch the King's Guard perform on their native soil.

Faced with decades of personal sacrifice and growing needs from his family, Mr. Naki and the Guards made the painful decision to end the daily performances of the King;'s Guard in May of 2014. Members of the Drill Hall of Fame were on hand to personally witness this historic drill event. It will be something none of those on-hand will ever forget. Both Mr. Naki and the King's Guard remain forever woven into the fabric of this Military Drill Hall of Fame and we will continue to see their influence in drill at all levels for decades to come.

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