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- Baron Friedrich von Steuben

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(The Old Guard)

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Sports Network International

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New Guard America

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Fern Creek High School

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Oxon Hill High School

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Black Watch Drill Team
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The Riderette Drill Team
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the Belles of the Blue Knights Drill Team

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U.S. Army Drill Team

The United States Army Drill Team &
The Old Guard

The 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) is the face of the Army. Old Guard Soldiers represent all Soldiers in ceremonies in the National Capitol Region and throughout the nation. The 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) is the official Escort to the President of the United States and our nation's Premier Memorial Affairs and Ceremonial Unit. Old Guard Soldiers are in Arlington National Cemetery daily rendering final honors to our fallen, both past and present. The 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) is the oldest active Infantry Regiment in the U.S. Army and has a distinguished history of service throughout our nation's conflicts; from its creation in 1794 through Operation Iraqi Freedom. The precision drill component of the unit has travels to hundreds of locations annually both domestic and abroad.

In addition to the marching platoons, there are also elements of The Old Guard that serve special roles unique both to the regiment as well as the US Army. Among these include the sentinels of the Tomb of the Unknowns, maintaining a twenty-four hour watch over one of the nation's most sacred sites; the Continental Color Guard, which presents the nation's colors at special events across the Capitol Region; the Presidential Salute Battery, which renders honors to senior dignitaries at arrival and wreath ceremonies, reviews, and full honors funerals; and the US Army Caisson Platoon, which provides horses and riders to pull the caisson (the wagon that bears a casket) in military and state funerals. The precision and esprit de corps these units display are part of the same excellence that makes their precision drill work so exceptional.

U.S. Army Drill Team2

One of the most high profile duties of The Old Guard is the performance of the U.S. Army Drill Team. The U.S. Army Drill Team has earned international acclaim through its breath taking routines with bayonet-tipped 1903 Springfield rifles. Organized to support The Old Guard's ceremonial commitments, the Drill Team has thrilled millions of youngsters and proud Americans for more than 50 years with their daring and complex performances. When not performing for the President or visiting dignitaries and heads of state, the Drill Team travels extensively supporting Army recruitment, acting as "good-will ambassadors" for the Army, and participating in major military and civic functions. There performance across the United States and around the world have brought military drill to a new level. The Drill Hall of Fame is honored to maintain such an illustrious group.

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