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Mr. Abdul Al-Romaizan
Abdul Al-Romaizan When it comes to individuals who have helped to shape the drill landscape, there are very few that can state they have held a rifle in their hand as a commander of a top-flight drill team, as a coach/mentor to young drillers around the world, and as a benefactor to the levels that Mr. Abdul Al-Romaizan has taken his support of military drill over the years. The only way to completely understand the depth of passion Mr. Al-Romaizan has for the sport and the art of military drill is to look at his life as a driller, and then as a drill supporter.

Mr. Al-Romaizan began his drill journey as a driller on the Valley Forge Military Academy drill team in Pennsylvania in the mid 1990's. The Valley Forge program had obviously trained hard and while they did not win the event, for a very small school with obviously crushing academic standards, they performed extremely strong. After graduation from VFMA, Mr. Al-Romaizan was obsessed with two things - his studies in college and the history and present excellence of drill. Al-Romaizan had a wealth of ideas on how to make drill better not only within the National H.S. Drill Team Championships, but across the globe. Some of the more notable items he initiated was the Spirit Banner Award, The Drill Jungle website (revolutionary for it's day), as well as two massive unparalleled video projects to provide a first-class exposure for many of the best JROTC drillers and drill programs in the nation. These DVD projects, DEVOTED and ECHO, were unparalleled in their amazing polish, their professionalism, and their depth of coverage into the drill world. Interviews with top instructors, judges and notable JROTC cadets, as well as video footage from historic teams and teams still at the top of the drill world, made these timeless DVD sets a must have for all true drill aficionados.

A natural extension of his love for drill is his involvement with the Jean Weil Scholarship Fund, his founding of the ISIS World Drill Championships, and his numerous philanthropic efforts involving drill. Far too modest to go public and often swearing teams and others to secrecy, years ago when teams were in desperate need, there were several occasions where "Abdul" always seemed to be able to jump in and help out a military drill team of high caliber that needed assistance. Of course, Al-Romaizan singlehandedly made the Awards Ceremony for the 25th anniversary of the NHSDTC the most special night in the history of JROTC drill. Red White and Blue custom carpet was purchased, upgraded sound, communication equipment, specialized judges from corners of the globe, decorations, all to better glorify the event and the young people who were a part of it. He did this by volunteering his time and his money without even being asked. His contributions have been in so many ways but it always filters back to benefit the youngsters who have chosen the same path (military drill) that helped to make Mr. Al-Romaizan the successful businessman he has become today.

Abdul Al-Romaizan Spirit Banner

Also, Mr. Al-Romaizan was and still is a major benefactor into the Jean Weil Scholarship Fund. The JKW Scholarship fund has provided well over $25,000 of cash college scholarships to young drillers attending The Nationals in Daytona Beach. The competition to gain one of these scholarships can be fierce, certainly for the needed money but just as importantly, for the prestige of winning one of these very selective scholarships. And in typical bold Al-Romaizan style, he also began the post-high school ISIS World Drill Championships. The event is held each year in May during the the all-service Nationals. Every year wince 2005, Mr. Al-Romaizan has contributed prize money to help build the event to be the premiere post high school drill competition the the world. The event now attracts roughly 30 entrants, all of which are among the most accomplished, professional drillers anywhere. The event provides the finest venue for these drillers to perform and a huge treat for our attending Junior ROTC cadets to see every year.

As Mr. Al-Romaizan is now a hugely busy executive with a wonderful wife and family, so his time is more precious that ever. However, he still always makes time when he can to give back to the community that put him on the road to excellence, spinning a rifle for hours on end in all kids of weather in that Pennsylvania boarding school many years ago. Mr. Al-Romaizan will always be in the heart of drill, regardless of his physical location, and it is an honor to have his name listed here among the most influential members of the history of drill in this Drill Hall of Fame.

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