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CMSgt. Frank Killebrew & Oxon Hill High School
CMSgt. Frank Killebrew Before Junior ROTC drill emerged as the fantastic and exciting activity it has become over the past 20 years, there was a unit led by a powerful man so charismatic and genuine that kids would join the Air Force JROTC program in droves. CMSgt. Frank Killebrew was known by everyone in the Eastern United States due not only to the overall strength of his teams, but also for his ability to go out of his way to help anyone who would ever ask. The drill team at Oxon Hill HS became such a dominant part of the JROTC program and the competition drill landscape, it became an entity so forceful it often overshadowed the other varsity sports on campus.

Chief Killebrew worked tirelessly for his kids off and on the drill floor. His program was immensely large and successful on and off the drill floor. While this was a fantastic benefit to forming quality drill teams year in and year out, it also presented unique logistical problems as his travel sqauds were always quite large. He wanted his kids to experience everything within the program along with drill.

CMSgt. Killebrew's love of drill was never more apparent than when he cajoled and encouraged SNI to look at hosting an Air Force-only drill event in the Washington, DC area. After looking at the concept for nearly two years, and feeling the energy that CMSgt. Killebrew had willed to happen, the trigger was pulled and the event began in 2002 and has been a great success ever sense. This success in no small measure was due to the early efforts of CMSgt. Killebrew.

With a cadet corps bulging to over 700 at one point, the demand to be in the program and be a part of one of the largest AFJROTC programs in the nation gave the unit the ability to create some amazing competition drill teams. And while their armed exhibition drill was solid, their unarmed exhibition drill was the straw that stirred the drink! But Chief Killebrew worked hard as a mentor, coach and father figure to his kids. And this multi-decade effort using drill to reach kids and make them better citizens is why he is sitting in this Drill Hall of Fame today.

Oxon Hill Drill Teams

CMSgt. Killebrew worked at Oxon Hill HS for over 25 years. His teams attended (and still continue to attend) the Nationals in Daytona Beach and to this day remain the longest consecutive attending school in the history of the competition. For many years throughout the late 1980's and 1990's, Oxon Hill HS was always in the mix for the overall Unarmed title and certainly took home more than their share of hardware within the Unarmed exhibition categories. As the unit has matured, both the armed and unarmed teams are still quite competitive, earning many trophies at meets they attend. While their basic drill was quite solid, it was their exhibition drill that had people stop what they were doing whenever they performed.

This amazing military JROTC unit in the shadows of the Nation's Capitol was and still is one of the finest overall drill programs in the nation. They were the innovators of much of unarmed exhibition drill that is now commonly seen around the nation. The THOUSANDS of cadets that have come and gone through their program have given so much and their efforts have been recognized herein through the leadership and dedication of CMSgt. Killebrew. Thinking of the excellence created both on and off the drill floor stared and ended with the legendary figure that worked hard for this kids every day. It is an immense honor to have someone of such high character and lengthy portfolio in the Military Drill Hall of Fame!

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