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Nationals Drill Camp

Schreiner University - Kerrville, Texas
All-Service - Saturday, July 6th - Friday, July 12th, 2024

Unquestionably the Finest High School Drill & Ceremony Camp Held Anywhere in the World!
The best CAMP, the finest INSTRUCTORS, the most LEARNING and the most unparalleled FUN!

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Schreiner University ROTC
Schreiner University ROTC

Kerrville, Texas

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The all-service Nationals Drill Camp is designed and hosted by the youth training and education drill superpower the Sports Network Int'l Youth Foundation of Ormond Beach, Florida. The 501-c-3 non-profit Sports Network Int'l Youth Foundation (SNIYF) remains committed to bringing together America's youth in a safe and effective way under expert leadership examples from trained professional representing all services. The camp brings together scores of fantastic cadets and knowledge seeking JROTC instructors to be trained by some of the finest minds in all of JROTC. While JROTC cadets are the bulk of the attendees, Middle School Cadet Corps, Young Marines, Civil Air Patrol, Naval Sea Cadets, as well as Army Cadet Corps cadets from 6th grade through 12th grade are welcome and encouraged to attend to make yourself and as important, your entire unit better drillers!


Both cadets and JROTC instructors who take the class will leave with a heightened sense of knowledge and better skills to improve the overall unit environment, not only in drill. This week-long drill camp is presented with Army, Air Force and Navy/Marine drill manual focus to ensure all cadets have a solid background in their particular discipline.

King's Guard Instruction
King's Guard
annually at the
Nationals Drill Camp

The Nationals Drill Camp welcomes drillers of all talent levels, however, keep in mind at its core it is an INTENSE DRILL TRAINING week. Cadets choosing to attend should have both the motivation and basic skills in place to become a vastly IMPROVED drill & color guard cadet. Cadets also must have basic physical conditioning to march multiple sessions a day, as well as the basic understanding of fundamental marching movements often learned within the first months of JROTC cadet training to gain the most from this shortened training week. Any cadets electing ARMED training must have fundamental weapon handling skills to ensure they are not a danger to themselves or others as we will enhance these skills during camp. The NDC is a very active camp that starts at 5:30am and ends at 9:00pm every day. There are plenty of breaks throughout, but the days are long. No cell phone usage is allowed by cadets during the training day. All meals at the camp are basic college dining hall menus. We are unable to accommodate anyone with highly restricted dietary needs.

While this is no boot camp, the NDC is hosted in a military JROTC-style environment and therefore, cadets will be expected to maintain discipline, effort and a positive attitude throughout. Whether in the classroom, on the drill pad, or on the numerous team-building/leadership-building activities, the cadets of the NDC are better drillers & citizens simply by attending.

ALL cadets will serve in leadership roles in a variety of scenarios to hone their knowledge and ready themselves to take this information home to better their entire drill team. We tell ALL of the cadets that this is their mission from day number one - you are here to improve the UNIT! Some cadets are ready for this challenge on the first day, and some newer drillers will need a few days of training at the NDC before taking the mantel of leadership of a platoon. Years of experience makes this an easy call. Team building activities, skill drills and other related exercises give every cadet an intense love for the daily routines and the amazing progress they create in all drillers of all levels. Instructors taking this camp with or without cadets will receive unparalleled knowledge and 30 hours of instructional credit towards their re-certification back home.

Earn the funds to attend the NDC!

Kerrville, Texas is a fantastic location for the Western Camp! Located in west central Texas just an hour outside bustling San Antonio, the Kerrville area is a quiet college town in the Summer that provides the seclusion that works best for our efforts working with both cadets and instructors. The heart of the camp is held within the dorms and first-class facilities provided by the university. Unlike our previous home, Schreiner University proudly SPONSORS this high profile gathering of JROTC excellence allowing our use of air-conditioned, indoor facilities, chow halls, classrooms and have welcomed the camp with open arms in every manner possible. A smaller campus and a more responsive and flexible administration will be the combination that allows the future Nationals Drill Camps to grow and prosper.

While safety is ALWAYS paramount and cadets are well taken care of throughout their days at the NDC, you will be pushed to do your best. Why would you wish to only do as well as you can when our years of training experience tells us you have sop much more inside you with proper focus and quality instruction. Quite frankly, the NDC is simply an experience unlike any other! To be surrounding by like-minded drill for a week ALONE makes this camp something you simply can't get back home!

Make attending the Nationals Drill Camp a part of the training, camaraderie, and lifetime memories you will take from your high school military drill career! Over 2,000 cadets and instructors now have been a part of the magic at the Nationals Drill Camp and most all will tell you it is high point in their JROTC careers.

Roughly 20% of the NDC cadets are just ENTERING JROTC. we also tend to have a small number of middle school drill lovers that attend. While we have a solid number of seasoned drillers, there is NO FINER ENVIRONMENT where someone who is just starting out can learn the correct fundamentals from the beginning, as well as the seasoned driller, and all drillers in between! It puts you so far ahead of your peers, giving you a huge head start for a best JROTC or even ROTC experience.

Much like the cadets, the instructors who attend range from new hires to veterans who just want to have a better grasp on what they are teaching. Parents, you can give your child a leg-up by having them attend this week of instruction and learn from some of the greatest JROTC minds on the planet. Most every cadet and instructor who has attended the NDC will tell you it has helped them change their program in ways large and small! This may be the most meaningful and memorable week you have ever devoted to anything in your life! Do something you will remember for a lifetime this Summer. Make the Nationals Drill Camp YOUR EXPERIENCE TODAY!

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