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In this section of the website, what each person will receive for attending the NDC is fully outlined, along with the total costs for the eight day camp. The NDC camp unfortunately is not underwritten in any way by any of the service branches and therefore, the cadets often pay the full share of the costs.

The NDC does it's best to keep the prices as low as possible. While the cost may seem high to some, when compared to other week long sleep over camps at major universities, this camp is often several hundred dollars less expensive than most any other camp! Along with this, the quality of the camp is unparalleled with instructors and guest teachers attending from all over the world. Bedding provided, solid chow and 24/7 chaperoning by one of the lowest kid to cadre numbers in the industry. The NDC has maintained the same price since the first day we hosted this camp in 2007 and we are proud of that fact. This has been done by efficiencies and teaching instructors often attending at very reasonable fees to keep the cost down for the attendees.

Please take a look through the topics listed in this section to have a complete picture of why the Nationals Drill Camp is a solid value.

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