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Instruction takes on many forms at the Nationals Drill Camp. We have several philosophies in this regard but one is that we rarely lose the opportunity to train. Whether it is marching back and forth to chow, informal discussions during a hydration break (of which there are MANY), in the evening before bedtime, etc. we keep the focus on the drill.

The Nationals Drill Camp is broken down into two primary areas of instruction, classroom and practical. These two instruction formats provide unique methods of transferring both knowledge and experience, thereby making the attending cadets and instructors more knowledgeable about the subject matter. Each will be balanced by instructor(s) in every class according to their judgment to ensure proficient knowledge of the subject matter will be maintained by every attendee.

Overall classroom instruction will involve several different methods depending on the class. These classroom teaching methods will largely focus on verbal interaction between the facilitator and the attendees, as well as handout/reading material review and the corresponding written course work. Physical demonstrations play a large part in these instructional settings. The classes are rotated often and kept short to allow cadets to not become overwhelmed on any one subject matter by a single instructor. Cadets are strongly encouraged to ask questions both in and out of the classroom setting.

Obviously there are many WAYS to train. While the NDC believes that written notes and verbal instruction are both important, along with hand outs and other items every attendee will take with them when they return home, we believe there is no substitute for doing. Our camps are VERY hands on with demonstrations kept to a minimum and participation kept to a maximum. We have seen the results of this work -- and it is GOOD!

We also believe strongly that every cadet should have a broad based education in ALL of the military events commonly hosted within a military drill competition framework. Inspection, regulation and Color Guard are covered, along with Armed and Unarmed Exhibition Skills and Strategies, from design, to practice, to presentation. That said, we always allow the extra days to grant each NDC attendee a place to go back and focus on their "emphasis" portion of drill. This balance makes for great learning and happy campers!

Please take a look through the topics listed in this section to become familiar with the subject matter done at the camp. It is broad and will give all a great basis for excellence.

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