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Schreiner University
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Schreiner Institute was founded by Charles A. Schreiner, who, on December 31, 1917. The college curriculum was expanded and the name of the school was changed to Schreiner College. In 1982 Schreiner became a four-year institution; its first baccalaureate degrees were granted in 1984.

In 1985 it had a faculty of thirty and a student body of approximately 500; by the fall of 1999 these totals had climbed to seventy-one faculty and 803 students. In 2001 the board of trustees voted to change the school's name to Schreiner University. The college retained its ties to the Presbyterian Church but was funded through private gifts. Before his death in 1927 Charles Schreiner donated to the institute an additional $500,000. His sons Louis A. and Gustave F. Schreiner donated more than $3 million between 1950 and 1965. Gustave Schreiner's estate also provided a permanent endowment for the college. The university enrolls an estimated 1,300 undergraduate and graduate students. It offers 27 four-year undergraduate programs, an MBA and a master of education.

Please take a look through the topics listed in this section to become better acquainted with all aspects of the campus. Reading in this section will allow you to become better prepared and have a more organized and successful stay KNOWING THE QUALITY of the academic facility hosting the event, whether you are a NDC attendee or just a lover of one!

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