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"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible"

- Anthony Robbins

Explaining the Structure and Level of Supervision at the NDC
Detailed Breakout of the Attendee Conduct Expected at the NDC
Details on How You Can Sponsor the Camp or Provide Funds for a Specific Cadet Directly with the NDC
Full Details on the MANY Frequently Asked Questions we Get at the NDC
The Listing of What to Bring and NOT to Bring to the NDC

FOR THE PARENTS: The items included in this section while important to all are especially important to parents. Every member of the SNI senior cadre have families with children and we ALL understand how much trust parents place within the people of the NDC to be in sole charge of their most precious possession. The safety and happiness of your young cadet who chooses to attend this camp is of paramount importance and NOTHING can event be seen as approaching that number one commitment. At the NDC, we do not just say these words, we back it up strongly with actions.

The Sports Network Int'l Youth Foundation was extblished primarily to bring training and education to youngsters using the medium of sports and sporting related activities. Work at the NDC will provide you young son or daughter a fantastic foundation for a safer and more exciting career while wearing the uniform, be it within JROTC, ROTC or beyond! Several items are in place at the NDC that are specifically designed to ensure the safety of your cadets. Most of these items are outlined within the documents contained herein. But know that we value open communication with the cadets, maintain full background checks on all adults attending the camp in a supervisory position, and have one of the lowest cadet to cadre ratios in the world of overnight camping! But these are the easy things. What we do goes deeper.

At the NDC. we treat each attendee like they were are own child. We have procedures in place to evaluate and ensure all medical needs of every cadet are handled with great care. We have a paid staff person on site in the area of th airport on arrival day and departure day to ensure your cadets are well taken care of during that part of their trip. We are constantly interacting with the cadets throughout their stay to look for problems and solve small ones before thy become big ones. And most important, since we all have kids, we have that "parent sense" that only comes from being a mom or dad and have a keen awareness when things are going right and when they are not. We do these things not because we have to or even because we want to. We do this because it is the only right way to host a camp where you place so much trust we us. We are honored by this and continually strive to make everything about this camp something your young cadet will rave about for years to come.

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