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Welcome to the Air Travel Information Page for the upcoming NYFC. This page is designed to give teams an outline of items to consider if your team and/or parents are thinking of flying to the NYFC competition, as well as solid options you may desire to use to get your team safely and dependably here to the NYFC via air travel.

First, let's talk about the costs of attending via air travel. Many people will notice low-cost air fares published in the newspapers and think it may be LESS EXPENSIVE to fly than it is to bus or car caravan to the NYFC. While this is true regarding the costs to just GET to Las Vegas, when you are factoring the costs to attend the NYFC by air travel, you must ensure you consider that YOU WILL STILL NEED TO GET GROUND TRANSPORTATION of some type to get to the Registration Area for weigh-in, team pictures, etc., as well as get to the fields for the games, along with doing any form of recreational activities while at the NYFC. It is VERY RARE that air transport can match the costs you will face if you decide to attend by ground transport, either coach travel or most certainly by car caravan.

Second and hidden from your initial thoughts, are the checked bag fees. Many teams get around this by having one person DRIVE to the event with a van or small trailer taking your game gear, suitcases, etc. Still others ship their equipment (very expensive also), or some do check the gear onto the plane. But when looking at total costs, you must factor the costs of this aspect of your trip as well if you plan to travel by air.

However, there are basically only three ways to handle getting a team to the NYFC by air travel. You can: 1) all try to book your air travel individually (the pitfalls of this are OBVIOUS!) or 2) you can appoint a leader to try to work with the airlines yourself, or 3) you can contact an experienced travel agent who can work for YOU to get the seats and flights you will need. After hosting this event for decades, unless you are blessed to have a team parent who works in the tour & travel business, we ALWAYS suggest route #3. These individuals, generally for a small per person fee, will work directly with multiple airlines and can often get fares and information hard to get for the general public. They can provide options and flexibility and generally make the most important aspect of your trip as simple as possible. They can also sometimes work out deals & options on shipping your game gear to the NYFC either on the plane or looking at other options available.

A-M Travel

If you have an established relationship locally with a travel agent you can trust, I say stay with them if they have experience booking larger groups of travelers! NOTHING can make a trip more fun OR MORE OF A DISASTER than your travel to and from the event. It ios the part your kids will remember long after their game results in many cases! Take the extra time and really check out anyone you are dealing with when it comes to travel.

BUT, if you do not have someone you trust in this area, SNI would like to recommend a group we have worked with now for almost a decade. A-M Travel are based in College Station, Texas and work year round booking air travel from one person to THOUSANDS of people for groups across the United States. They work with most every major air carrier and can get you what you need at the best available prices. Their booking fees are among the lowest in the industry and you will be impressed with the caring service they provide.

Regardless of who you work with, give the folks at A-M Travel a call and see if they can give you prices and service you deserve! You can reach them by calling 979-693-2143 or by emailing Wanda Paris at < a href=""> She looks forward to working with your group to get you to the NYFC!

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