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COSTS: The Raider Championships Weekend is open to the general public with no charge to attend and no charge to park.

FACILITY GENERAL: Numerous bathrooms with running water are available to fill canteens/water bottles across the camp. We STRONGLY URGE all units have personal water for every cadet available constantly. Also, port-a-potties have been placed near the competition sites, as have potable water stations. All small children ATTENDING AS SPECTATORS must maintain direct adult supervision at all times while inside the facility.

GENERAL PARKING: Parking is very limited therefore many people will be walking a good distance from the parking area to the competition areas. Parking areas are designated on the event maps (link is located on the LEFT SIDE of this page. Schools bringing buses please observe the designated parking area on the maps as well (they may very well get STUCK if you try to park them in the small car lot!).

RV PARKING: Parents bringing RVs or pull behind campers are welcome BUT they can only be "set-up" in our "primitive" areas that do not maintain electric and water hookups - this is not a campground and there are no hook-ups. Schools MUST REGISTER WITH SNI any large vehicle needs (non-school buses only - vehicles that feed and/or provide support to the team or for spectators camping overnight). TEAMS MAY NOT HAVE COOKING/TENTING, ETC. SET-UP IN THE PARKING AREAS without approval from SNI in advance. Designated areas will be available for this nearby. Those parents seeking to attend with RVs must gain permission, parking permits and submit payment MO LATER THAN ONE WEEK PRIOR to the event through SNI. We will likely have ZERO overnight parking for these machines available overnight if not coordinated well in advance.

FOOD: The facility provides both affordable pre-paid meals AND affordable concessions during the day of the event, Specific menus and prices are provided to teams in the month prior to the competition. Feel free to bring your OWN FOOD & DRINKS

HANDICAP ACCESS: The entire Lawhorn Scout Camp is outdoors and maintains many event sites that are rocky, hilly, and NOT RECOMMENDED for those with walking difficulties or wheelchairs. All spectators are encouraged to bring their own chairs to comfortably view the events.

WEATHER: While the weather for any Fall events in Georgia will likely be gorgeous, nothing but lightning or other dangerous conditions will delay or cancel any team event. Teams and spectators will retreat to vehicles or shelters. In the event of severe storms or lightning, competition will be immediately suspended. Events that are underway will continue to completion unless directed otherwise by event officials. Judges, Coaches, and ALL Raider teams will move to the nearest safe area and wait for instructions through loud speaker. At that time a weather decision will be made based on the best information available. All attendees must prepare for every type weather condition to be fully prepared to attend at the Raider Nationals.

VENDORS: The event is expected to have both collegiate and commercial vendors, as well as interesting static displays
hosted by the United States Army Cadet Command. Featured in these are the company Fine Designs who make gorgeous custom apparel specifically designed for the Raider Nationals Weekend. We welcome all lovers of raider and/or the military to
please attend and support these hard-working and dedicated young men and women from around the nation!

OVERNIGHT CAMPING: Will be allowed & encouraged at the campsite primarily for competing schools, instructors and chapperones. Hotels are just 15-20 minutes away from the venue but fill very quickly. Schools may attend this event as a "commuter school" (driving in to compete without camping), or by camping at the venue.

EVENTS HOSTED: Physical Team Test (PTT), Rope Bridge, Raider Gauntlet, 5-Kilometer Team Run. (Cross Country Rescus is the 5th event in th Army Championships ONLY. Those wishing to see photos of this Raider course can go here:

COMMUNICATION: Two-way radio communication is provided at each event area, as well as between SNI and senior judging officials, and course monitors. Please approach these individuals in the case of a medical emergency for help to be summoned quickly.

CELL SERVICE: cellular service at the facility maintains a strong signal for those on both T-Mobile and Verizon. AT&T service is spotty but doable for text messages. Sprint service is the weakest and had few areas where communication was available.

CAMP RULES: You may not ride in the back of an open pick-up anywhere on the facility. THIS IS A BIG DEAL ON THIS SITE. Ensure ANY shuttling of cadets does not include this method of transport. Also, please do not bring any dogs or other pets as they are not allowed. Service dogs of course are an exception and must be on a leash at all times. For complete Lawhorn Scouting Base Camp Rules, download and review from the website or here:

CAMPING: The costs for camping will again be just $5 per person, per night. This fee is paid regardless of whether you have you OWN camping equipment, vehicles, etc, or wish to use camp provided tents. VERY LIMITED FIXED TENTS ARE AVAILABLE for non-competitors. This cost MUST be paid in advance therefore, it is vital all those who will be camping know EXACTLY how many people will be spending the night in their facility and pay the appropriate amount of money.

TRASH: "10-yarder" trash containers are available near the MAIN PARKING AREAS on both sides of the camp grounds. Please ensure the trash you maintain is collected and placed IN the metal dumpster (not simply bagged and left). This has NEVER been an issue as most teams leave the facility CLEANER than it was when they arrived!

POWER: All non-primitive campsites and most bathrooms have low amp electric available. THIS ELECTRICITY CANNOT BE USED TO RUN ANY FORM OF HEATER OR MULTIPLE HEATING COOKTOPS! Do NOT bring or utilize any high-amp cookware, electric space heaters or similar. Damage to the electrical system by those using space heaters and similar will be billed to those responsible.

LOAD/UNLOAD PEOPLE: Cars/vans MAY be driven directly to the campsite to unload cadets, gear and other needed items. Vehicles should stay on the driving paths to ensure no damage occurs to nearby septic fields which are nearly impossible to spot. All vehicles must then leave and park in the nearest labeled parking area during their stay.

IF YOU CAN'T FIND WHAT YOU NEED HERE: On this website, you will find many if not all of the documents you might need to make your trip safer and more organized. If for some reason you need additional information or have trouble downloading and/or opening any of these documents, please call our office and speak with Competition Director Justin Gates (386/274-1919 ext. 1) and we will make arrangements to assist in any way possible.

Remember, if your school cannot attend, hundreds of event photos will be shot from the competition and posted to the website immediately following the event, as well as complete top-to-bottom scoring results for all schools in all events. Also, most all live pictures and videos will be posted to the Raider Nationals Facebook Page We are thrilled that schools have taken an overwhelming interest in the event.

Attending Schools Are:
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