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The huge 2,400 acre Lawhorn Scouting Base maintains two sites adjacent to each other used for the event. Flint River Adventure Area is the base area/"near side" for the competition. Camp Thunder is on the "far side" down the main road and maintains fixed campsites where many of the Raider National teams will camp. Again, all attendees in this competition will require ground transport to get from the far side to the near side if staying on the far side. Most every camping site has a fire pit available, showers, toilet facilities with water and low voltage electrical plugs except those areas marked primative.

Areas on both sides maintain numerous bathrooms with running water to fill canteens/water bottles across the camp. We STRONGLY URGE all cadets and spectators to have personal water for every cadet available constantly. Also, port-a-potties have been placed near the competition sites, as have potable water stations.

    NEAR SIDE (Competition/Camping/Dining Hall) and
    FAR SIDE (Camping/Far side Dining Hall)

    Detailed and easy to read maps from the Lawhorn Scouting Base ready for printing!

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