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The National Youth Football Championships are maintained for youth football teams and those who love them to end their season with a remarkable trip all will remember for a lifetime. The NYFC event maintains teams from all sources, including: Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA's, AAU, AYF, County Recreation Departments and other independent youth football programs from around the world (even Pop Warner teams attend our event!) WE ARE NOT OUT LOOKING FOR THE GREATEST FOOTBALL TALENT IN THE WORLD -- BUT WE ALWAYS LOOK FOR GOOD PEOPLE LOOKING TO END THEIR YEAR WITH A FAMILY FOOTBALL VACATION! The best groups come too, but this event is for EVERYONE with their "head screwed on straight" about why youth football is a great family activity!

All types of groups attend making this tournament the most diverse field your youngsters will ever be a part of. Thousands of invitations are mailed to programs every July, while only about one hundred football teams can be accepted each year.

Teams looking to attend the NYFC must have:
  • Parents who understand that supporting the kids (FIRST) and having fun (DISTANT SECOND) are their only jobs
  • Solid coaching teaching clean, positive cheerleading AND hard-nosed football with good sportsmanship always
  • A playing atmosphere that is positive and uplifting and understands the place of youth sports competition
  • A reputation for playing CLEAN football - season won/loss record isn't important, but clean football is!

Every youth football organization in the nation may receive an official invitation to attend the National Youth Football Championships simply by requesting one. We are honored so many return year after year! The key to getting into the event is organizing and planning your attendance EARLY! Waiting until late September or October to decide to make the trip to the Nationals is the HARD WAY to do this! You will need to work out many details to attend. Don't worry, it may seem difficult but thousands of teams have attended the NYFC for decades. With some organization and hard work, your group can be a part of the NYFC.


  1. READ THE INVITATION AND THE WEBSITE THOROUGHLY! No matter WHAT event you are planning, a great deal of useful information is maintained within the NYFC invitation. Read it carefully, write down any questions you may have. It is too important to neglect any details or assume something. Read everything that you receive about the tournament and ask questions if you do not understand anything. Do not assume something is done at the NYFC that you do during league play - these are often two different things! Then...

  2. CONTACT SPORTS NETWORK INTERNATIONAL! - This web site has much information but should you have any questions, you can always email or call Sports Network International about the NYFC (386/274-1919). When you call, you can most importantly give us the name and information about your team which will ensure you will be included in out official event mailings for your team. Most teams call in the mid-to-later Summer.

  3. HAVE A TEAM MEETING - This will let you know how much interest and support you can expect from the parents. At this meeting, you can ensure you have good NYFC chaperoning in place and lay out the basic costs and what will need to get done to make the trip to the Nationals a reality! DO NOT FORCE A TRIP DOWN THE PARENTS THROATS! If you do not get sufficient response from the parents at this meeting, you must begin to question why you are making this trip!

  4. REGISTER TO ATTEND, THEN GET YOUR HOTEL ROOMS SET! - AMAZING HOW MANY PEOPLE do not do this step! Once you make the firm decision to attend, clink on the upper right logo to REGISTER FOR THE NYFC to ensure your place is held for your group to attend and compete! Too often, people will book air/bus, hotels, etc. BEFORE they even lock up a slot to compete! BIG MISTAKE! AFTER you have your competition spot solidified, THEN get your transport and hotels set. The first place we recommend to start this task is at the NYFC HOTEL & TRAVEL SITE. This site maintains good tips for getting good hotel options, as well as all types of ground/airline options as well.

  5. STAY ON TOP OF THINGS THAT YOU DELEGATE! - I can't tell you how many trips have been ruined by coaches who have delegated matters to well meaning but clueless people that never got things done and worse - never told them it had not gotten done! Supposedly gung-ho parents or coaches need to be assisted along to ensure everything you will need to get done to make the trip is getting done!

  6. ENSURE YOUR BUS, HOTEL AND MEALS ARE COVERED & FINALIZED AND THE TEAM IS ON TRACK FOR PAPERWORK & MONEY SUBMISSION! THESE ARE THE BIGGIES! Triple check these items often! Re-call the bus company, etc. Don't make this mistake. It's good to hear the person on the line saying everything is OK!

  7. DO A DOUBLE CHECK BEFORE YOU LEAVE FROM HOME MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE AGE VERIFICATION FOR EVERY PLAYER! Double check the roster on-line to ensure you have not omitted someone. Ensure you have your first aid equipment, water coolers, football repair gear, football, kicking tees, EVERYTHING you need to play. You are NOT just traveling across town...

    THESE ARE THE LARGEST AREAS TO GET OFF THE GROUND TO MAKE SURE YOUR DREAM TRIP TO THE NATIONAL YOUTH FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS CAN OCCUR! Thousands of youth football groups have attended the NYFC over the years! We hope to see your team on the NYFC fields this year!

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