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The Drill Hall of Fame's mission is to identify, recognize and publicize those individuals and entities that have excelled in their drill-related endeavors and in doing so, have greatly enhanced the military drill universe. Additionally, the Drill Hall of Fame is designed to publicize the history and variety of military drill, and to identify and honor dedication and selflessness and builds esprit de corps within the entire connected universe of those who drill, and those who have respect and honor as spectators, teachers, and related entities. The Drill Hall of Fame will make a connection between the generations of people who began the art, who continue the art, and who will further the art in the future.

The Drill Hall of Fame institution functions as two entities under one roof with both an on-line website for sharing information and recognition around the globe, as well as a personal showcase on-site during the physical presentation and display of the Drill Hall of Fame inductees as a portion of the Masters Level Awards Ceremony held during the National High School Drill Team Championships each Spring. With these parts working together, the Drill Hall of Fame is committed to fulfilling its mission by:

- Collecting, through information sharing of historical knowledge and opinion, media and related materials which focus on the history of military drill around the world.

- Preserving this information collected through timely sharing of information on the website, archival back-up, and through an unbiased display of thorough documentation, research and then publication.

- Provide a selection process that looks to all aspects of the drill world for nominees that fairly and without bias, represent a solid swipe of the spectrum, both historical and present, competition drill and performance drill, armed and unarmed, that meet the criteria outlined herein for inclusion within the Drill Hall of Fame.

- Honoring, by enshrinement, those individuals who had exceptional careers, impactful moments and recognizing others for their significant achievements within the field of military drill.

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