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MILITARY DRILL HALL OF FAME BY-LAWS - established 1 May 2012

a. The Drill Hall of Fame (DHOF) will be an on-line website where the most influential and stellar members of both the competition and performance worlds of military drill will be glorified in numerous ways. A website shall be established, criteria constructed, and both individuals and groups will be nominated and then confirmed annually to be enshrined into the Drill Hall of Fame. Their membership will be permanent, with only specific severe infractions of character able to remove a member as outlined within the DHOF by-laws.

b. All communications, discussions and general business will be conducted electronically largely either through email. To serve as a functioning, voting member of the DHOF, communication in this manner will be required.

c. Changes to these by-laws may be exercised by SNI unilaterally or through a vote of the DHOF membership. A membership recommendation will be sent to SNI and SNI will decide to add or modify this document from this recommendation. In either case, and and all changes to the DHOF by-laws will be made on this document.

d. The DHOF solicits no funding from any source. However, those who wish to help defray costs or otherwise include themselves in the DHOF may make a contribution to the Sports Network International Youth Foundation by directly contacting SNI.

a. The DHOF will be established and hosted by national event manager Sports Network International of Daytona Beach, Florida (SNI). SNI will be responsible for the following:
     - set-up, hosting, and upkeep of the DHOF website
     - payment of costs associated with hosting the DHOF
     - handle all press release and other administrative DHOF functions
     - nomination of initial DHOF members with input from other drill entities or direct nomination
     - carry out all functions specified within the by-laws to include: new member nomination, by-law adherence, etc.

a. Inclusion within the DHOF will be for those individuals or other entities that have made a prolonged, profound, and deeply meaningful impact on the greater drill and ceremony community. They have positive moral characteristics and always represent both the military and the related drill institutions in high regard publicly and privately. Nominees can come from within performance drill OR competition drill, or any other items related to military drill. Individuals who are currently involved as instructors or who are in other positions of leadership within the JROTC / ROTC programs must be either: 1)stated they will be retiring at the end of the school year that the nomination occurs or 2) have served in the capacity of a JROTC instructor for a minimum of 15 years (NOTE: this is a change enacted in January, 2014) to be eligible to be enshrined as a member of the DHOF.

a. As the managing supporter of the DHOF, Sports Network International will be responsible for the initial selection of members for the DHOF. This initial class will be a very selective 13 entities. SNI will compile this listing and will accept feedback and critique from other influential members of the greater drill community.

b. All new members will be contacted a minimum of 30 days prior to their inclusion into the DHOF. The actual ceremony of enshrinement will occur during the Masters Level Awards Ceremony of the National High School Drill Team Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida. The exact date and time will be published for members to make plans to attend should their schedule allow (note: attendance is NOT required to become enshrined within the DHOF).

a. Every year, SNI may either select individuals, groups or institutions that they believe need to represent the DHOF and/or may produce a listing of DHOF nominees and provide these to the current sitting DHOF members for review. Generally, this listing will go to INDIVIDUAL members however, organizations or groups may be contacted as well at the descretion of SNI. To produce this listing of DHOF nominees, SNI will seek input from within, as well as from other respected individuals within the greater drill community. Additionally, every DHOF member will be permitted to nominate ONE new member annually and include them on the list of nominees should this list be circulated. The DHOF member will provide a brief history on the nominee they are supporting and they will be included for consideration on the final nominated list. This contact will occur in early Spring annually.

b. SNI will carefully review qualifications of every nominee and then formulate opinions on these nominees. SNI will then make a formal ranked recommendation to the DHOF members of all nominees to the DHOF to include a brief commentary on the logic for each. DHOF members will then vote on the slate of nominees by ranking them in numerical order by their perceived quality with a number of ONE being the highest ranking and continuing to the bottom of the listing in descending order. This vote should be finalized no later than February 15th annually.

c. In any given year, a minimum of ONE but no more than THREE nominees may be enshrined into the DHOF. The exact quantity will be based on the strength of the vote of these nominees by the sitting DHOF members in the estimation of SNI and other factors. Once nominees are selected to be enshrined in the DHOF, these members will be contacted and notified of their high honor.

d. Those members in the DHOF who are alive may participate in voting and other member activities denoted in this document until death. Upon death, the member retains inclusion into the DHOF, however voting and other activities do not pass to a representative and they will cease.

e. DHOF members may nominate anyone or anything that meets the criteria for membership listed under Section Three of this document. As previously stated, all members will be granted a single nomination each year. However, should a nominee be put forth for three consecutive years and that nominee fails to place within the top 50% of votes cast in each of those years, that nominee will not be eligible for consideration into the DHOF ever again.

a. Upon being elected into the DHOF, the responsibility of the member is minimal. A member is asked to submit a brief bio with a photo to be used on the DHOF website. Members are encouraged to vote on future membership and other related business. Going forward, a member must always have positive moral characteristics and always represent both the military and the related drill institutions in high regard both publicly and privately.

a. Members of the DHOF are considered lifetime and beyond. However, through egregious public conduct that tarnishes the reputation of the DHOF, a member can be removed from enshrinement. This is a very serious step that is not taken lightly. Any DHOF member or even a non-DHOF member can recommend to SNI that a particular individual or group be removed from the DHOF. SNI will review the information presented and if they believe it warrants consideration of the entire board, SNI will produce information on the accusation and electronically forward this to all sitting members of the DHOF. The DHOF members will have 10 days to return a vote to remove or retain the current member. With a minimum 2/3's vote of all current members casting a vote to remove, the member in question shall be removed from the DHOF with no ability to ever be renominated or reinstated.

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