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Eagle Head

QUESTION #1 - How Long Have You Been Selling These Awards?
Sports Network International has been one of the largest trophy parts buyers in this region of Florida fully since 1987. We also maintain several custom dyes that allow us to make one-of-a-kind items on our bigger awards. We have been selling the Eagle Head trophies for over five years exclusively to schools attending the National High School Drill Team Championships. They are always very well received, they ship very securely and to date, we have sold several thousand of these awards. We have recently expanded this inventory to other related products that we think offer a good deal to our customers.

QUESTION #2 - Do You Have Any Trophies Other Than Those on Display?
The items shown on the website are the standard trophies that we can offer without modifications. They are ready to ship often the day after the order is placed. However, SNI has produced HUNDREDS of custom designed trophies for individuals, groups and events across the United States. Our most popular custom designs are produced for the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force National Championship competitions, as well as many other local and Regional Championship events held in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky and California. We can make ANYTHING you can dream and would be glad to quote a price for any number of trophies you may require!

QUESTION #3 - We Want Trophies Like the Big National Meets?
We get this question a lot. We do have several meets currently that utilize slightly smaller replica Nationals trophies that we produce for them. They are spectacular and really give their awards presentations and their entire competition an heir of class. So yes, we can and do produce trophies for these meets and can do you any competition as well. Just call and discuss with us what you are looking for, what your budget may be and we can design a fantastic set of trophies for your needs

QUESTION #4 - How Much Do the Huge Trophies at Nationals Cost?
We get this question a lot as well! The Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force Nationals trophies cost between #2,500 up through $7,000 for the NHSDTC. There, that was say it with me....WOW, that is a LOT of money! Yes, we agree! However we have many meets around the country that slighly scale back these designs and get the costs much more manageable. But nice, solid, heavy, well-built trophies with great plates are well-deserved if you wish to reward your winning teams with something that reminds them why they attended your meet! Mostly, if you tell us how many trophies you need, and then tell us what you are looking to spend, we can get you a very good ballpark price. Call us today - you may be surprised what we can do!

QUESTION #5 - We Really Want a Blue Plate Instead of the Standard Black Plate?
Can you...sure! Should you? Well.... The black plate with the gold lettering looks spectacular on these Eagle Trophies. We can do silver and gold lettering, as well as other plate colors other than black. We DO NOT recommend anything else but for a nominal upcharge, we can do a different color plate. Just make sure if anyone asks, you tell them it was YOUR IDEA, not ours!

QUESTION #6 - We Need Our Trophy Immediately - How Fast Can We Get It?
We have turned around trophies in a single day to ensure an award was on the stage when it needed to be. While we certainly cannot PROMISE this type of turn-around time, it is always our goal to ensure you are satisfied and having the award when you need it plays a huge factor in that happiness! We do keep a small inventory on-hand for just such rush orders. Therefore, call us and we will make sure we can get it done when you need it. We do have overnight and 2nd day air options when you absolutely, positively need your award right away!

QUESTION #7 - Do We Have To Pay Extra For a Rush Order?
Other than the increased shipping fees that always accompany these requests, SNI does not charge any type of rush fee. We value your business and always wish to help you meet your needs. However, if we are completely backed up with orders, or if the trophy you are seeking must be ordered from a supplier, it may be simply impossible to meet your deadlines depending on how soon you need them. In which case, we may have to decline your order to ensure you are not disappointed by receiving your award after you really need it. But we have and continue to amazing many people with our quick turn-around time!

QUESTION #8 - Our Trophy Arrived Broken - What Do We Do?
We have shipped HUNDREDS of these awards previously and to date, only ONE eagle has ever been broken as the packing is styrofoam molded and it first-rate. We are always sorry when this happens and will ensure you get the item you paid for in good condition through a supplemental shipment. Call or email our office immediately. We will ensure that we get you the replacement award and/or plate you need right away. We may ask you to hold onto the packing material and/or ship the trophy back depending on what the shipper requires of us.

QUESTION #9 - We Need to Add Another Trophy on Our Order?
This is never a problem. However, once your shipment is taken to the shipping company, we will have to make this additional as a separate order entirely for purposes of shipping, etc.

QUESTION #10 - We Made a Mistake and Misspelled a Name....?
We will gladly replace a plate for a nominal charge, plus shipping. However this rarely happens as we are extremely careful to ask questions if we feel something may be amiss.

QUESTION #11 - You Cut My Plate Wrong....
If we make a mistake cutting your plate, we will IMMEDIATELY get you a new plate to replace the plate that is incorrect. Again, this is quite rare as we try hard to ensure the plates are cut without issue.

QUESTION #12 - Why Do We Have to Pay Sales Tax in Florida?
Florida maintains a Sales & Use tax. This means any shipment to the State of Florida is subject to pay this sales tax UNLESS we have been furnished with a sales tax exemption certificate with your order. Currently, orders shipped out of state do not have sales tax collected as SNI has no other entities in other states. If this order is for a school or other non-profit and you have a blanket sales tax exemption certificate, please read below.

QUESTION #13 - We Are Tax Exempt - How Can We Not Be Charged Sales Tax?
Again, if you a group that is exempt from sales tax, simply submit your sales tax exemption certificate/number and we will gladly refund that portion of your payment if done on-line OR adjust your total if ordering by fax to ensure you are not charged. However, we MUST have a valid copy of this certificate on file to make this happen - no exceptions! Remember, we only COLLECT sales tax - we don't get to keep it. It gets mailed to Tallahassee every month!

QUESTION #14 - How Can We Pay for the Order?
We have great flexibility in this area. We can take a personal, school or government credit card payment on-line or via phone for all or part of the order. We can accept a school check or school purchase order as well.

QUESTION #15 - What About Shipping?
Trophy shipping costs are simple to understand here. The first trophy cost is just $7.75 and all additional trophies up to five are roughly $5.00 per trophy. We can ship anything and frankly within Florida, many times we will DELIVER the trophies to you and set them up if you wish! Good luck getting that kind of service these days...