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QUESTION #1 - How are these pictures different than the Team Photos I receive?
The photos discussed on this site are the action pictures taken during the event. These photos are taken by SNI during the event and are kept as a record of the competition. After years of requests to get copies of the pictures, SNI recently began posting these pictures immediately after the event to allow interested individuals the ability to purchase these at a much lower cost than any other event action photography services.

QUESTION #2 - How are my pictures printed and what type of paper do you use?
Photos are printed ONLY on a Kodak commercial dye-sublimation printer of the highest quality (the same one used to print the gorgeous team photos presented during the events). Color and alignment are calibrated on normal cycles and the pictures produced are extremely beautiful. All pictures are printed on genuine Kodak paper which produces vibrant, long-lasting photos you can count on for a lifetime of enjoyment.

QUESTION #3 - How are photos sent to me?
Photos are shipped in hard pack, envelope-style mailers USPS delivery confirmation confirmed. Large prominent warning labels are placed on the envelope to ensure the U.S. Postal Service does not bend the packaging when delivering these photos to you. All phots regardless of size are maintained on a single 8-1/2" x 11" photographic sheet. If you buy pictures smaller than 8" x 10", they will all be placed side-by-side on this single sheet. This saves you considerable money and helps to protect the photo in transit.

QUESTION #4 - Why are the photos so much less expensive than other event pictures?
We get this question a lot! The photos on the site are sold at a greatly reduced price because we shoot many pictures during the event just for our video archive of the competition. We make these photos available at a much lower price because we are already taking the pictures and don't need to pay a photographer - the photographer is a staff member! The cost of these photos after printing and selling commissions to Photoreflect basically reflects our costs for camera operation/maintenance and printing expenses only and we are happy to do this!

QUESTION #5 - My photos look slightly different in composition than the picture online - why?
The photographer in use for all SNI events shoots with a wider format, Nikon commercial camera and lens set-up. This yields an amazingly accurate photo with a "wider" picture than most people are used to seeing with their consumer model cameras. These shots are too wide to use in their native state on an 8" x 10" picture and must be "cropped" or cut down on their width to make an 8" x 10" proportioned photo (5" x 7" picture are used virtually uncropped). Shots that have prominent subjects near the edges of the photo will often result in the picture being printed slightly less than a standard 8" x 10" to keep all of the subjects in the photo. Often this size is between 7" and 7.5" x 10". If you would like to ensure you receive a full 8" x 10" photo, you may request to have the width cropped (and thereby lose the visual matter on the sides of the photo). Simply write these notes on the appropriate section of the order form.

QUESTION #6 - My team did not get any pictures taken - why?
Again, we have one photographer that is largely taking archival pictures for our own records. He is not set-up to get photographs of every group. We are always sorry when we do not get at least a single picture of every competing group, however, it is extremely rare that we do not get at least a few pictures of every team doing something at the event!

QUESTION #7 - Can I add any wording to my pictures?
Basic wording may be added to any 8" x 10" picture without any extra charge. Wording cannot be added to any pictures smaller than the full-sized 8" x 10" photos. Simply make the request and list the exact wording to be added on the appropriate section of the order form.

QUESTION #8 - Will you let me know when the order is shipping?
The purchaser will receive an email to confirm shipment of the order the day the order leaves the office.

QUESTION #9 - When exactly will you ship my order?
We receive orders within minutes of you paying for your photos. In the weeks immediately following the event, pictures are printing within 48 hours and mailed immediately. In the weeks following an event, photo orders may be collected throughout the week and printed/shipped on Friday of each week. The only exception to this is when we are "on the road" putting on a competition. In these few cases during the year, pictures will be printed immediately upon return. To see the SNI calendar, click on the event links on the main SNI events page and look at the dates.

QUESTION #10 - What if I have no credit card - can I pay by check?
To order photos from the website, a credit card is required by Photoreflect. However, we have been able to assist those wishing to pay by other methods. Simply send an email to SNI and we can work with you to get the correct photo and to print the correct photo and then receive payment through another form of payment.

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