QUESTION #1 - What Determines Who Gets Accepted to Be an Exhibitor?
Basically, any group or individual that maintains a product or service that we feel would have a benefit to the attending patrons of the Nationals would generally be accepted to attend, space available. Exceptions to this would be those groups that are offering a product that we feel is already well represented at the Nationals, or groups that plan to offer products that are not allowed (see item #2 below).

QUESTION #2 - What Items are Not Allowed to Be Displayed/Sold - EVER!
The following items are NOT PERMITTED anytime:
 1. Functional guns of any kind (competition air rifles or similar are however perfectly acceptable).
 2. Knives or any other personal security devices.
 3. Noise makers, bells, horns, or laser pointers or similar.
 4. Fireworks, including but not limited to "safe" fireworks or any destructive devices or explosives.
 5. Controlled substances of any kind or items used to manufacture controlled substances.
 6. Alcohol or tobacco products of any kind.
 7. Gambling items, including but not limited to lottery tickets, raffle tickets, sweepstakes entries, etc.
 8. Bulk email or mailing lists or similar items containing personal information.
 9. Items that infringes copyright, including but not limited to software or other digital goods.
10. Active-duty recruitment for any branch of the military (college scholarships for any service branch is FULLY WELCOME).
11. Also, no items that maintains vulgar/crude messages or other inappropriate messages.

Also, any item that Sports Network Int'l or the Ocean Center management believes poses a
safety hazard or diminishes the enjoyment of the event by others WILL NOT be permitted.

QUESTION #3 - Are There Other Items That Can Be Sold Only With Permission?
Yes, here is the list of items that can be sold in some instances with ADVANCED WRITTEN PERMISSION from Sports Network Int'l ONLY!:
 1. Food or drink products of any kind that are designed to be consumed on premises (For actual sales, permission must be also received from the facility's on-site food and beverage company. Samples of 2oz or less can be given without needing permission.)
 2. Shirts sales of of any kind,
 3. Items that maintain any association with the National H.S. Drill Team Championships.

NOTE: These three items MAY BE ALLOWED in certain circumstances.
You MUST contact SNI for special permission to sell any of these three listed items above.

QUESTION #4 - Where at the Event Do I Get to Set-up My Booth?
All exhibitors will be positioned in the Main Concourse of the Ocean Center. This main artery is where every attendee will enter and exit the building as well as pass through from the Drill Areas to all practice areas. This main hallway will be bustling with energy throughout all three days of the event. In designing the Nationals Exhibition Concourse for visual impact and appeal, we will feature both dramatic larger exhibitors that will draw cadets interest, along with ensuring that every exhibitor is of potential interest to our cadets and other spectators. It is critical that the Nationals Exhibition Area be as dramatic as possible and set the tone for the entire Ocean Center. History shows this is a high-traffic set-up that provides a solid contact area for all vendors/exhibitors.

QUESTION #5 - Do I Get to Select My Booth Location?
With nearly 30 Standard Booth spaces available at the Nationals, two Mid-Level Booth spaces, and one Flagship Exhibitor space, there are many locations within the Nationals Village to set-up. Returning vendors with the longest seniority will receive first choice on booth locations so long as they submit their payment and registration no later than March 5th before the event. After that date, all exhibitors are placed in available spaces. All booths will have a large amount of cadets, instructors, and parents passing by throughout the long weekend.

QUESTION #6 - What Items Are Included With My Booth?
This is what makes the event a tremendous value. Unlike many events where every item you request costs extra, this is not the case at the NHSDTC.

Each standard exhibitor at the Nationals will receive:
1. Professional 8'-tall back & 3'-tall side pipe & drape with a skirted 8' table and two chairs yielding a 10' x 10' exhibit space (note: exhibitors may request two spaces side by side for additional room).
2. Standard electric is accessible nearby. Please show on your Exhibitor Application whether you will need electricity for planning purposes. (High-amp or multi-plug electric needs available as an option - call for details.)
3. A maximum of 4 staffing personnel allowed for Standard Exhibitors VIP - staffing badges provided allow full-access to the competition event & free coffee.
4. A single parking pass is included for entire three-day event (additional passes may be purchased in advance through SNI).
5. Distribution of literature in school on-arrival packages (some limitations apply - must be arranged in advance).
6. Listing of attending school contacts (name, address, email) in an Excel document - sent upon request.
7. Use of NHSDTC logo identifying you as an “Official NHSDTC Supporter” in all marketing materials.
Optional extras: Phone hook up and/or high-speed internet hook up, additional meeting space within the Ocean Center, meal-plans within the Ocean Center Arena for event judges, VIPs and select exhibitors, discounted hotel rates exclusively through SNI’s housing bureau

QUESTION #7 - What Does My Booth Cost for Everything Listed Above?
There are two prices for the Standard Exhibitors for the event:
    - $350.00 - Academic, military or other not-for-profit groups that will not maintain on-site sales.
    - $400.00 - For-profit companies or any company who will maintain on-site sales during the event.

These prices reflect a paid for in advance scenario with cash, check or credit card. Those entities who will require a special invoicing model and/or daily photos and closing invoice will require a special $100 maintenance fee added to the above costs.Premium Vendors who maintain annual sponsorship of DrillNATION.net and/or the NHSDTC website may receive a discount off of these figures. Contact SNI to learn if becoming a Premium Vendor may be right for you.

For those looking for more high visibility slots and vastly larger exhibit areas along with far more benefits, please call our office at 800-327-9311 to discuss availability.

QUESTION #8 - Do I Need To Pay a Percentage of My Sales to SNI or the Venue?
Never. Unlike every other municipal facility like this in the country, you are not required to pay any portion of your sales to the venue or to Sports Network. This is why your fee is slightly higher.

QUESTION #9 - What About Sales Tax on my Gross Sales - Who Do I Submit That To?
It is the responsibility of every vendor maintaining sales to fully understand what is required by the State of Florida Department of Revenue. Here is the link for what you need to know about sales tax collection for sales in Volusia County, Florida.

QUESTION #10 - When Can I Set-Up My Booth?
Exhibitors should have their booth load-in completed by 9am on Saturday (the first day of the event). Exhibitors can begin loading in anytime Friday afternoon. Exhibitors MUST have their booth load-out completed no later than 9pm on the final competition day (Monday).

QUESTION #11 - Are there Any Other Restrictions I Should Be Aware Of?
While it is almost impossible to list out every action or behavior that would be prohibited, some of the more common items not allowed are:
1. Exhibitors cannot alter their scope of their agreed upon good/service/information (i.e., to promote a different product or service upon arrival)
2. Exhibitors cannot sublet or share their space with another individual, group or company without the express agreement of SNI
3. Exhibitors may not "roam the building" - you must stay behind the table of your space. (You are of course welcome to view some of the competition as a spectator.)
4. Exhibitors may not utilize any props or other eye-catching displays that place at risk any surrounding exhibitors or those passing by. All such displays must be static and behind/on the table

QUESTION #12 - Can I Ship Any Items to the Ocean Center/SNI in Advance?
Generally, the Ocean Center is a good sport about receiving these items IF THEY ARE RECEIVED NO MORE THAN TWO DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT. They do not charge extra and SNI will simply get the item and transport it to your booth space. We provide no security for these items however the facility is highly secure and because of the nature of the event, items do not "disappear". For larger items or other specialty items, contact SNI to arrange something in advance and possibly ship these items directly to our office. We load three huge 26' trucks to run the event and we will likely accept your items if they are done well in advance.

QUESTION #13 - Can You Set-Up my Booth For Me?
While SNI does not have the resources nor the technical expertise to do this, the same people who set-up all of the pipe & drape, etc. do this all the time. Contact SNI and we can give you their contact information and you can work directly with them on any added set-up you may need for your booth.

QUESTION #14 - What Is the Refund Policy if I Cannot Attend?
If you notify SNI 60 days in advance, you will receive a full refund of any monies paid for a Standard Exhibitor booth, no questions asked. After this point, any monies paid are completely non-refundable.

QUESTION #15 - Can I Share a Booth with Another Group?
With written approval from Event Manager SNI, booth sharing will be permitted. Generally, this is allowed only when there is some type of cross-purpose in place already (like a school booth sharing with several ROTC units from their school).

QUESTION #16 - Can I Transfer My Booth to Another Group Entirely?
Permission to do this is not unreasonably withheld should circumstances force a withdrawal from the event late.

QUESTION #17 - Does My Booth Need to Be Hosted During All Hours?
This is strictly your call. While many booths are hosted during all of the hours the building is open, just as many take more of a 9am to 5 or 6pm approach.

QUESTION #18 - How Is the Cellular Signal in the Facility?
AT&T, Verizon and Sprint seem to work just fine in the Ocean Center. I have not heard anyone state they could not get either voice or data signal within the facility.

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