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3-set DVDs

At Sports Network International, we listen to our schools. Many of the biggest supporters of the Best of Series Videos have wished for a way for their cadets, parents or other program supporters to obtain their own copies of these Best of Series disks to keep at their home. I think they have personal motivation as I constantly hear stories about the disappearance of Best of Videos from the JROTC library! Sports Network International has come up with a solid solution for those schools looking to get their cadets the opportunity to own their own personal copy of these videos at a price that is awesome!

For all schools who order a copy of the Best of Series 3-disk set (Triple Set), Sports Network International will make available individual Best of Series Disks in Armed Exhibition, Unarmed Exhibition and/or Basic Drill starting at just $20 per disk to all cadets and supporters with that program. This is nearly 50% off the standard price for these incredible keepsake videos. This price is only available to cadets who pool their orders together and take delivery at their school with all DVDs shipped to one location.

To be eligible for this offer, schools must first purchase the Best of Series 3-Disk "Triple Set". Then, these programs may collect orders from individual cadets (minimum order is 10 total disks) for any or all of the three disks within the current year Best of Series Videos. When these cadets have all submitted their requests to purchase along with payment, schools may then fax or email their total order to Sports Network International. Schools may then call Sports Network International and pay with a credit card over the phone or by mail through a school check. The personal DVDs will then be shipped directly to the JROTC program for distrubition to the individual cadets. Schools generally receive these DVDs within 5-7 business days.

We are thrilled to offer this to the biggest supporters of the Best of Series Videos! If you have any questions, please email or call Sports Network International.


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