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2015 Best of Series

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2013 Best of Series

2012 Best of Series

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2010 Best of Series

2009 Best of Series

2008 Best of Series

2007 Best of Series
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2006 Best of Series

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Best of Series Video
Team Inclusion Information Page

This page is designed to give you general information regarding the Best of Series DVDs, as well as
listing what schools and/or individuals can be found on each Best of Series videos.

In order to satisfy demand for Junior ROTC instructional drill videos, SNI began filming the Masters Level competition of the National High School Drill Team Championships back in 1995. This filming has yielded the finest competition videos available for purchase anywhere. These 120-minute, all-service videos are fantastic training videos and just great viewing and are now a part of well over 1,800 Junior ROTC programs throughout the world. Entertaining and instructional, these videos filmed at the Nationals belong in the hands of every program maintaining a competition drill unit.

Through the continued urging of schools, SNI has continues to make these videos better and better every year. Initially these videos maintained just two different programs, a "BASIC" VHS tape for Inspection, Regulation & Color Guard, and an "EXHIBITION" VHS tape for both Armed and Unarmed Exhibition competition. Schools wanted more footage in the Exhibition videos so the decision was made to split the exhibition footage into both an ARMED and UNARMED video. This allowed two-hours to be devoted to each of these exciting forms of military drill. The response was overwhelmingly positive as have a single VHS tape simply left too many solid performances on the cutting room floor.

School then asked if the VHS tapes could be produced as DVDs with chapters to better allow navigation. This was begun in 2005. Recently, schools have requested to have the Armed Solo & Dual Exhibition Drill performances on a separate DVD. This was begun in 2008.

Even more close-up shots were used during the performances beginning in 2006. You will see the intensity and the emotion of the cadets, along with still seeing the great routines and performances! These shots can often be shown in slow motion to better learn the machanics of how these cadets can execute with such exactness and skill. We at SNI think this change has helped to give the videos a more personal angle that teams can use to help their drill teams reach that next performance level.

The Best of Video Series does maintain the same concept every year - to show a wide variety of drill styles and disciplines to give all viewers a chance to be entertained and educated. As the teams generally display more and more talent and variety each year, the Best of Series videos get better and better each year as well! Nothing can replace seeing so many different drill units from across the United States in one two-hour video!

The videos feature segments of many performances, representing all branches of JROTC. While many are top performances, many other quality routines did not take honors. All have numerous strengths that can be learning tools for every team. Much can be learned by ALL of the performances that are shown on the Best of Series videos.

To see exactly what apprears on EACH DVD in the Best of Series videos you are interested in, please review the links to the left on this page for the exact listing of what schools and units are performing on which DVD. In general, the Best of Basic videos feature teams performing in: Unit Inspection; Regulation Drill; and 4-person Color Guard competition. Armed and Unarmed performances are featured within the Inspection and Regulation competitions, while all Color Guard performances feature 4-person units performing with 2 rifle bearers and 2 flag bearers. The long hours of practice and attention to detail come to the screen when you watch these exceptional displays of standard, SOP-style drill excellence.

The Best of Exhibition videos feature teams performing in all forms of exhibition drill. Beginning in 2012, the Unarmed Exhibition DVD will maintain both team routines, as well as several interesting Dual Exhibition routines. The Armed Exhibition DVD will generally maintain ONLY Team exhibition routines to allow maximum time to show solid portions of routines. Armed Solo & Dual performances, as well as performances from the World Drill Championships (WDC), are often made into their own DVD (footage permitting) comprising an additional DVD. The variety and overall quality of the teams who perform on these videos annually make these videos an invaluable inclusion into your educational library.

While videos were begun in 1995, the older Best of Basic and Best of Exhibition Drill videos are no longer available to order on this order form. They have been sold out for years but SNI may still have a single copy or two around for purchase. If you are looking for a specific year or a specific tape in the earlier years, use the email link below and I will check our stock for you.

All non-bulk Best of Series Videos are contained in a plastic, hard-shell case to protect this item for many years to come unless otherwise stated. The running time for every video is right at roughly 120 minutes. The cost of the DVDs are fully outlined on the Current Video Sales Page and discounts are available for bulk purchases as well as on-line purchases of all Best of Series Videos together in one order. Older media in the Archive Video Sales Page are often priced lower until they are gone with these prices clearly marked on the order page. When the videos sell out, they will not be made available any longer.

Personal or school checks, money orders and signed school P.O.'s are accepted. Credit Cards are accepted on-line, and they can also be called in via telephone. Videos purchased via credit card either on-line or via phone often ship the same day you place your order (read the Best of Videos frequently asked questions for specifics). If paying by check, make all checks payable to Sports Network International. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery of your order if paying by anything other than a credit card. Thank you for your interest in the Nationals Best of Video Series!

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