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Q01. Where did the Best of DVDs Go?

Q02. Who is allowed to use the Subscription?

Q03. What's the Monthly/Annual Cost?

Q04. Are whole routines shown?

Q05. Why show the mistakes in the routines?

Q06. Who decides who DOESN'T get filmed and why?

Q07. Why show sub-par routines?

Q08. Why not show just the winning teams?

Q09. Can we submit OUR school's routine?

Q10.What About Solo & Dual routines??

Q11. How many subscriptions do you expect to sell?

Q12. What filming & editing equipment is used?

Q13. What's the production time?

Q14. What I get just color guard videos?

Q15. What is the Best of the Nationals videos history?

Q16. Are these training videos?

Q17. Which teams are on the videos?

Q18. Can We Just Look Around in the Video Library?

Q19. Can We Buy Routines of OTHER schools & download them?

Q20. Can We DOWNLOAD our own routines?




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The NEWLY Revamped

Nationals Video Library
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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION #1 - What Happened to the Best of DVDs?
After nearly 25 years of producing amazing VHS then DVD sets, feedback from schools and a desire to have the best teams in the nation display leadership in better glorifying the sport of drill has led SNI to move into the 21st century to allow drill lovers to see ALL of the videos that were shot at the 2016 Nationals and so much more! Previously, all of the footage that was shot was culled down into very tidy DVDs leaving so much that was filmed never to be seen. We were forced to show just parts of routines often killing the magic many of these teams put forth. By moving to an online subscription model, SNI is able to add UNLIMITED amounts of footage at a cost less expensive than the cost of the DVDs previously. Just as importantly, SNI in the coming months will be able to upload older Best of Series DVDs, footage from OTHER drill competitions, awards ceremonies, and other historic footage that will make a subscription to the Nationals Video Library a must have for all people serious about drill & ceremony.Back to Menu

QUESTION #2 - If the School Subscribes, Who Can Use the Subscription?
The system is designed to allow access from not only the school, but from a limited number of additional IP addresses. So long as the cadets using the system are from the same school program, there is no hard number of allowable log-ins. If SNI feels the log-in has been compromised and the internet IP addresses using the system show a pattern that does not appear to be geographically represented of those just from that program, SNI may have to reset the system with a new password and ensure the log-ins are authorized by the school.Back to Menu

QUESTION #3 - What's the Monthly/Annual Cost?
The cost for access to the Nationals Video Library can be done monthly or annually. It is clearly displayed om the ordering page. However the cost for an annual subscription is greatly reduced and available for any school, instructor or cadet that has competed at any SNI event in the past 12 months! This also extends to individual cadets who have competed as a soloist - they personally receive the same discount should they wish to gain a subscription. The specific costs to subscribe may change over the years but can ALWAYS be found on the subscription website. Several FREE videos and seminars will be posted as well for those without a subscription! Credit card payment is required. Those needing RECEIPTS can get one through SNI.Back to Menu

QUESTION #4 - Are Whole Routines Shown Now?
Not ONLY are many whole routines shown, but multiple cameras often show Platoon and Flight Exhibitions routines! Solo & Dual Exhibition routines as well as the World Drill Championships are shown. And remember, as a subsciber, you get to see EVERYTHING! and the Nationals Video Library will continue to get bigger and bigger and you will ALWAYS have access to EVERYTHING! Some have asked why show the whole routines. Well many drill units have routines plastered all over the internet and are generally available on peer-to-peer shared file services. Having all routines available can give everyone who loves drill a true appreciation of the excellence on display by these phenomenal programs.Back to Menu

QUESTION #5 - Why Show the Weapon Drops & Rifle Bobbles in the Routines?
We show everything, good and not so good! We want the viewer to see the real routines as they were presented. In the past, portions of routines that were not as impressive were edited out.Back to Menu

QUESTION #6 - Do All the Teams Get Filmed? Who Decides Who DOESN'T Get Filmed and Why?
Easily, the most asked question! We have a limited number of people using video cameras and therefore we cannot have footage of EVERY TEAM in EVERY AREA. We do our best to try to move the cameras around to include as many performances that historically or are expected to gain top performances as possible as well as many other routines that may or may not be high quality. We also pay particular attention to the following areas: different service representation, different drill styles, different schools and different teams within a school. We also try to include a fair share of armed and unarmed, as well as males and females. We film many random schools in these areas so judges do not equate FILMING with anything special. In fact, we tell the judges in advance we film all kinds of teams so the presence of a camera should not mean anything to them as far as the talent expected. Despite the best plans, as the competition day moves, some events gets a bit ahead, some a bit behind so we adjust as best we can on the fly! Also beginning in the 2017 drill year, SNI is going to use something called SOLOSHOT to video more routines to ensure we get more and more footage! Take a look, it's amazing.Back to Menu

QUESTION #7 - Why Show Performances on the Video That Were Frankly Not That Great?
With about 114 minutes of available footage on each video (opening & closing segment of the videos take about 6 minutes), showing whole routines of roughly 7-9 minutes would severely limit the number of schools we would be able to show on each video. This would reduce the various styles and differing routines that we could show. Additionally, some of the routine that we are showing may have been missed by the camera person, or more likely, with only a single camera shooting many routines, the team may have been performing with their back to the camera for an extended period of time or a judge may have blocked the cameras view. Again, we film many random schools in these areas so judges do not equate FILMING with anything special. In fact, we tell the judges in advance we film all kinds of teams so the presence of a camera should not mean anything to them as far as the talent expected. This part we omit to not bore the viewer. Doing this makes a performance more enjoyable to watch and keeps the pace of the video moving along a bit faster. Lastly, too many teams simply copy entire routines rather than innovate when entire routines are shown in the exhibition videos. This is not a way to drill excellence - make your own make and put together your own routine!Back to Menu

QUESTION #8 - Why Not Show Just the Winning Teams?
As disk space becomes more and more costly, the website will slowly begin to show more and more top finishers only. Remember, the filming is limited to the number of cameras available and there are times when 8-9 areas are competing at one time. The event is on-going during the day BEFORE we have ANY IDEA who will be winning or losing. Therefore the teams we film are the teams we film!Back to Menu

QUESTION #09 - We Filmed our Routine(s) - Can WE Add Them to the Video Library?
We WELCOME anyone who would competed at the NHSDTC and filmed their routine(s) to contact us on how they can get their routines on the Nationals Video Library. Space available, we would be honored to make that happen!Back to Menu

QUESTION #10 - What About Solo & Dual Routines - Are They Included?
All of the World Drill Championship routines are included. All of the finals for the Solo & Dual competitors in the Demilitarized Division, as well as the Dual routines in the Unarmed Division. Assorted other routines are included as well. So yes, a TON are included!Back to Menu

QUESTION #11 - How Many Subscriptions Does SNI Expect to Sell?
The market for these videos would be rather limited. If we gain roughly 90-100 subscribers, we will be able to recoup our costs for filming and hosting this videos on-line. While we do not expect to maintain quite that many annual subscriptions, we think the benefit to the general drill community - a founding principal of the NHSDTC and SNI - more than makes up for any shortfall.Back to Menu

QUESTION #12 - What Filming & Editing Equipment is Used Shooting the NHSDTC?
With the quality of "prosumer" digital cameras getting better and better every year, SNI has switched from shooting to tape with broadcast cameras to shooting to a pure digital format on smaller, HD-quality Sony cameras with numerous SD cards. These cards hold hundreds of video files. After the event, these files are minimally edited and space abailable, we place them in the cue for upload. The files are then uploaded to uScreen, the online host for the Nationals Video Library.Back to Menu

QUESTION #13 - What is the Production Time to get the Videos on the website?
This is one of the biggest things we like about this change! Generally, the video files will begin being uploaded in the 7-10 days immediately following the competition WITH SOME VIDEO FILES BEING UPLOADED ACTUALLY DURING THE EVENT! This will be a major improvement over the 6-10 weeks it was taking to finalize the DVDs that were created in past years.Back to Menu

QUESTION #14 - Can I Get Just Color Guard Videos?
We have a sizable number of color guard routines on the Nationals Video Library. However, the way the on-line host works is there is not additional charge based on subscribing to MORE videos, therefore you subscription allows you access to EVERY FOR< of Drill & Ceremony performances for no extra charge!Back to Menu

QUESTION #15 - What is the History of the Best of the Nationals Video Series?
When we began making these videos over 20 years ago, there was a void when it came to training aids for JROTC instructors. We also believed strongly that the programs and cadets that attended the Nationals deserved the notoriety that came from worldwide advertising and distribution. While most all of the instructors felt very comfortable with training within "basic" drill, many had no clue where to start training for exhibition drill so the videos are used differently by every unit. JROTC instructors ordered the videos, give them to team commanders, and then have the videos provide valuable and entertaining instruction for the cadets in a small group environment. With so many styles on display, numerous, never-before-seen or thought of items can be found by interested cadets EACH TIME they watch the video -- adding to their knowledge base and thereby making them more valuable drill team members.

Beginning in 2004 and beyond, the single Exhibition Drill VHS tape was expanded to maintain BOTH a Best of ARMED Exhibition, and a Best of UNARMED Exhibition video. Dozens of people have pushed for this change every year and we believe it is a big positive. Many viewers have stated they are either interested in EITHER Armed OR Unarmed and wanted MORE FOOTAGE, therefore many people just skim through the part they are not that interested about. Splitting the videos will allow each video to be 120 minutes of pure exhibition in the style the viewer enjoys the most.

In 2007, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the National High School Drill Team Championships, the Echo Video Series was produced. This 6-DVD compilation is without question the most comprehensive and exciting video collection ever produced on the sport of JROTC drill. It is a timeless look at the best of JROTC drill & ceremony. It is something every drill devotee should own and remains a major landmark in the sport of competitive drill.

In 2008, the three DVD series returns and features Armed Exhibition, Unarmed Exhibition, and Basic Drill for 120 minutes on each DVD. Additionally, because so many people just want to see the Armed Solo & Dual Exhibition (and much more of it!), SNI began producing a 4th video that is 120 minutes of just Armed Solo & Dual Exhibition!

Obviously, the biggest change in a decade was undertaken in 2016 when the entire concept of old-technology DVDs with small snipets of routines was scrapped in favor of placing all of the footage shot at the event on-line for the betterment of the entire drill community. Much like the thousands of cadets who watch the competition performances daily, this on-line video library produces routines, rule interpretations and other support for the greater drill community. The freedom this on-line world offered to instructors allowed access of these materials from a computer, laptop, cell phone...anything and everything to help promote the sport in a way previously unknown!Back to Menu

QUESTION #16 - Are these Videos For Training or Entertainment?
Valid question we get often. In fact, the videos can be used for MANY valuable things with one being no more important than another. The videos have been used by over one thousand JROTC units over the years to learn drill over the past decade. Both Exhibition drill and Basic drill are shown and learned by viewers. The videos are not designed to teach step-by-step, this-is-how-you-spin-a-rifle, this-is-how-you-march, etc. training. The units displayed feature routine segments which focus attention on specific skills that are of interest to eager JROTC cadets. The level of study largely determines how educational these products are.

The Exhibition videos have been a driving force in the explosion of exhibition drill excellence throughout the world. New ideas and other fascinating combinations of movements are featured annually on every tape. Cadets watching this see things they like and expand upon it. These videos are invaluable in this regard and have trained countless drill teams to begin and other more established program to get even better for years. The Best of Basic videos allow less full range training. With the all-service nature of basic drill events shown, as well as the exacting nature of these by-the-book competitions, the videos when presented to motivated JROTC cadets give the viewers a great springboard to learning. Many instructors have stated the Best of Basic videos are great for cadet those looking to see themselves against some of the best units in the Nation.

Regardless of whether the primary purpose of viewing is educational or entertainment, it is safe to say these products allow direct exposure to many of the finest JROTC drill teams in the country. Cadets have gained a tremendous advantage by studying these videos keeping the fire burning. Whether the cadets get better because they are entertained or they are entertained because they become better drillers, it becomes the chicken and the egg conundrum but regardless, they work!Back to Menu

QUESTION #17 - What Teams Are Shown on the Site?
Currently, there is not composite list of all of the teams and schools maintained. We welcome everyone who is interested in seeing who is filmed and uploaded to subscribe and kick the tires as every subscribed is given 3 days to look around through the site at not charge!Back to Menu

QUESTION #18 - Can We Simply Look Around the Nationals Video Library?
YES! We welcome you to simply look around! If you wish to look around, you can see the lists and lists of school performances names by event and school name without a subscription. Then, if you do decide you wish to subscribe to the site, you get to look around for several days before any charge happens at all. We encourage EVERYONE who loves drill to come inside and look around!Back to Menu

QUESTION #19 - Can We Buy Routines of OTHER schools and download them?
The answer to this is -- yes and no! YES, schools can be given special permission to download and/or buy a DVD with their routines maintained. Unfortunately, schools may NOT purchase routines performed by OTHER schools. This is a service we offer just for the performing teams! Back to Menu

QUESTION #20 - Can We DOWNLOAD our routines to keep locally?
The answer to this is no. Unfortunately, schools may NOT download routines and keep them, even their own. We have been known to provide routines for the teams being filmed on request. This is a service we offer just for the performing teams and it is granted on a case-by-case basis! Back to Menu

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