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Every year, Sports Network International accepts one outstanding JROTC program to step forward and participate as our "Internship School". Begun lin 2006, our internship program selects one program that wishes to attend as a spectator school, but experience the Nationals from a "behind the scenes" perspective. This school will see the event from the eye of an event director, interacting extensively with event officials, cadets, judges - everything that normally only the few Sports Network International officials have the opportunity to do. Your involvement will help your cadets appreciate what it takes to run a competition the size and scope of the Nationals, as well as learn the psychology, motivation and often details that both judges and event officials maintain.

This selected school must be willing to attend for the entire event and be highly motivated! Your cadets would have the opportunity to become completely immersed in the Nationals and in the Sports Network International event management, working as runners throughout the event as well as doing many other behind-the-scenes functions. This will allow "up-close" interaction with judges, competing schools and the event itself; serving as the perfect stepping stone to competing here in the future! Complete details are best provided via telephone. We encourage all schools who may be interested in joining the illustrious groups that have been at apart of the Nationals Internship Program school to contact SNI today!

Here are the links below to apply for your school to be selected as the NHSDTC Event Internship School:

Event Internship School Application Form
Complete and submit this form to be considered as the Internship program

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