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SNI Fund Raising Homepage

Make Your Dream Trip a REALITY With These High-Quality Fundraisers!

Dear Team Leaders:

Sports Network International understands that a major trip can make for a tremendous expenditure of time, energy and also money to make it happen. Budgets to attend these major events can easily range into the thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. We know all of you will have an amazing experience here that will stay with them forever. With budget cuts and other financial obstacles, all athletic groups are now constantly looking for ways to help raise funds to travel. To this end, Sports Network International (SNI) wanted to look for quality companies willing to assist our teams.

In looking for quality fund raising companies, our standards were high. A company would have to fit several stringent criteria. We wanted products that buyers would EAGERLY seek, that offered a solid VALUE over comparable costs of similar products in stores (no overpriced candy bars or wrapping paper!), as well as LOW/NO up-front costs. We needed the fund raising efforts to be simple, easy to understand/administer, as well as lucrative for your program! Lastly, the company needed to have a solid track record of working with school groups successfully.

After searching for over two years, SNI is now able to confidently recommend THESE SOLID NATIONAL COMPANIES with our heartiest endorsement. They are very diverse and can be implemented individually or all together! It is our sincere hope that should group wish to enhance their fund raising efforts, you will give these companies a look and then make them a part of your annual fund raising efforts.


With a decades-long track record working with the Future Farmers of America and other high school based programs, SNI is proud to announce the partnership with the largest smoked meat snack producer involved exclusively with school-based fundraising. In the short time together, CountryMeats have helped our JROTC units raise over $750,000 (and growing annually!) I have personally toured the expansive Country Meats facility, spoken with the owners and workers, as well as become one of the many satisfied customers!

Their informative website says it all. With a sales price below that of store competitors and a taste that is superior, these items are an easy sell. Your program earns significant money with each sale and these percentages are clearly detailed on the site. These sticks will FLY out the door as they are priced BELOW supermarket prices with SUPERIOR taste. Made in Florida with over a dozen delicious flavors, those programs getting started with CountryMeats can look forward to a long & successful relationship year round AND year after year sales. Scores of programs are already on the CountryMeat bandwagon. For detailed information on how the Country Meats snack program can work for your organization, hit their website OR contact their customer support team toll-free at: 800/277-8989.

Sports Network International is proud to announce our alignment with RightResponse. This is a company that is UNIQUELY AWESOME to work with Junior ROTC units nationally as they fill the bill in the JROTC mission in a unique way, emphasizing citizenship and community involvement. How you ask? Read on...

In looking for quality fund raising companies, our standards are high and RightResponse nails them. They offer several different high quality first aid kits and related items that you sell as fundraisers where you make 50% profit. Their First Aid kits start at $15 with the most popular one selling for $30 (which gives you $15 profit!) These kits can sell to parents to keep on in their car or home and just as importantly, businesses. Did you know every fleet vehicle (think electricians, plumbers, cable techs, etc.) or business open to the public MUST maintain a working, up to date first aid kit? The possibilities are endless. You can also sell these kits to businesses because they meet ANSI standards and are OSHA approved!

There are several JROTC programs that currently work with RightResponse and they have made thousands of dollars and greatly helped the overall safety of their community. It is both EASY and REWARDING to sell a product that people need and will use and have the real ability to help people - even save a life in an emergency!The RightResponse team is fantastic. Contact them today and let this wonderful team of people help you get a vision on this. They offer catalog and on-line sales, no money up front, no contracts, no minimum, and FREE SHIPPING.


Sports Network International always looks hard to find the best and this is sure it! DynamicDrinkware is a company founded on a quality product that can help you raise needed funds for your program while also increasing your drill team brand awareness and that of the military service you represent! They have military drink cups, top quality that you can feel in your hand, dishwasher safe and amazing...BUT WHAT MAKES THEM UNIQUE IS NOT JUST THE QUALITY but even BETTER, you can design your OWN cups as well to raise the brand awareness of your team. Imagine your OWN cadets in uniform in competition glory on the drill floor, with your school & your team logo on this quality drinkware wrapped in your hand! This company is ready to storm Junior ROTC units nationally! So unique, so amazing! Read on...

The method of sale could not be more simple. Your cadets and other supporters sell Fundraising Cards, they then collect the money and you’re done. No massive storage, spoilage or clunky cases to carry around and deliver. Make every sale count with $8.00 profit per Fundraising Card sold. And these things will sell themselves! Parents, grand parents, and other program supporters will love your CUSTOM cups and retired military and family members of those serving will WANT the military cups RIGHT NOW!

DynamicDrinkware By completing a quick registration form, each participant will receive their own unique fundraising link to track their online sales. Participants can gain support from their friends and family by sharing their link through social media and email. Fundraising coordinators can track all sales for each participant through their very own fundraising portal.

Myron Jefferson is someone trusted by SNI for almost 20 years. He is standing by right now to explain the program in great detail and help you to get yourself set-up to excel! He and SNI looks forward to helping your unit - IT'S WHAT WE ALL DO WELL!

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