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Below are the Event Update/Clarifications that have been implemented into the coming NHSDTC since the initial posting of all event materials. These items listed below are found in inverse chronological order to their date of implementation. All schools are encouraged to download and prepare for these changes in advance.


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#1 - 1 August 2018: Initial Website Set-up
SOP Updates site established - Scoresheets Posted - Drill Floor Layouts Posted - SOP Posted - Good Luck to all Teams!

#2 - 1 August 2018: Exception Allowed in the "No Cross Over" rule....
IF COMPETITION SPACES ARE AVAILABLE, attending schools may petition the NHSDTC Competition Director to compete in BOTH the Masters and Challenge Level events with both an Armed & Unarmed team with a SMALL NUMBER (1-2) portion of cadets that may "cross-over" and compete on both teams. Factors considered by the NHSDTC in granting this request will be the overall size of the JROTC program and the newness of the Challenge level team seeking entry. This is being done to facilitate largely smaller programs looking to expand their drill to encompass both armed & unarmed drill. This permission if granted will be done in advance of the event in writing by the Competition Director of SNI.

#3 - 1 August 2018: Clarification of "Drill Rifle" within the Mixed Division - Masters Level
Upon review of the SOP and consultation with several past judges, SNI has made the decision that the term "drill rifle" in the Mixed Division is a loose term by design. The term "weapon" was stricken from the SOP a decade ago and in doing that, we inadvertently omitted other items that have a history of "drill" without designing to do so. Currently, Cadet Commanders at the NHSDTC are the ONLY cadets authorized to utilize a sabre or sword. However, beginning in 2017, SNI will allow within the Mixed Division Solo & Dual Exhibition competition ONLY in the Masters Level event competition entries that would in fact be permitted to utilize a sabre or sword for their competition "weapon". However, it should be noted that the same regulations apply to their use as already maintained within the SOP. When using a saber or sword by ANYONE at the NHSDTC, it is not permitted for this item to leave the hand of the performer at any time on the drill floor. This will prevent any attempt at flipping or tossing the item.

#4 - 19 March 2019: MAJOR UPDATE-Unarmed Regulation Sequence Change - Masters & Challenge
The Masters & Challenge Level Unarmed Regulation Sequence have undergone s small but significant change to the sequence. The Air Force cannot execute half step from the halt and therefore the sequence will revert back to the previous year sequence in this finite area. Commands 19, 19a and 20 have been changed to reflect "4 steps forward" and a "Platoon, halt" command. Simple Change. PLEASE ensure your program is correctly using these corrected regulation sheets that reflect "REV-1" at the top of the scoresheets.

#5 - 19 March 2019: Clarification on Regulation Report In/Out to Head Judge
In the Armed SOP on page 8-6 in SECTION 3 - PLATOON REGULATION DRILL under A. General Information item 3, the SOP erroneously listed a specific distance all teams must report in and out to with event Head Judge. This is incorrect as each service treats this matter differently and SNI does not wish to mandate this action for all schools. Schools are instructed to report in & out to the Head Judge in accordance with their own service manual when it comes to distances and positions from the judge in Regulation Drill.

#6 - 19 March 2019: Clarification on Exiting Inspection-Armed & Unarmed
In the Armed SOP (pg. 8-5) and Unarmed SOP (pg. 9-4) item #10, currently the SOP states the team should simply execute "Column of Files". This could more accurately be described as, "Column of Files/Files from the Left" to get the cadets turned and exited out the 36" doorway. Teams should use both commands above and exit correctly.

#7 - 20 April 2019: Slight Increase in Drill Area Size in One Drill Area
One drill area we were able to move back to 80' x 100' from the original 75' x 100' on Saturday. No entry way or judge positions have been changed so nothing you all have been doing will need to change at all. You can and should ALWAYS review carefully the drill floor diagrams that are posted on the NHSDTC website just to make SURE you are practicing everything correctly. Here is the direct link to the FLOOR DIAGRAMS.

As the event draws near, no further SOP updates/clarifications will be allowed on this site for the upcoming Nationals. NO NEED TO CHECK HERE FURTHER - THIS IS IT! Any other minor issues will be discussed at Event Registration before the competition begins.

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