Daytona Beach, Florida


1. Free parking areas no longer exist at or around the Ocean Center, There is a small amount of these spaces WEST of the Plaza Resort & Spa on Seabreeze Ave.. The few slots are available are metered spaces or loading/unloading only with strictly limited time available. If you can find them, grab them but do not count on them being available.

2. A massive parking garage has been built for all standard sized vehicles directly adjacent to the Ocean Center Arena. This garage is conveniently located just north of the Ocean Center, and just 1/2 block west of A1A. This garage will be a good parking spot for those attending any of the weekend activities for drill or fitness.

3. Also, a large paved lot (the WEST LOT) is now used for all oversized vehicles (20-passenger vans, buses, cars with trailers, etc.). It is located directly behind the Ocean Center on the west side of the building.

4. The garage and lot maintain the same cost structure for those parking your vehicles. Each venue is independently controlled and their current rates are found on their website. You can also gain information about where to park oversized vehicles, etc.

5. If your vehicle occupies two slots, be aware that the rates are generally double (remember, the rates are PER PARKING SLOT!). If your vehicle is larger or if you have a trailer, etc., you will pay for multiple spaces (usually two slots - this depends solely on how big your vehicle is).

6. This charge is incurred every time your vehicle enters the garage or the lot. If you leave and return later during the same day, they will begin the charges all over again.

7. Attending teams may purchase Event Parking Passes in advance through Sports Network on their MySchool account. These passes are for parents or others connected to the team planning to attend. This pass is just $12 per day and allows unlimited in & out privileges per day. Purchase of this pass CAN ONLY be done in advance through the team with their school paperwork. These passes are not sold on site and are non-refundable.

8. Official Vendors / Sponsors may receive these passes in advance as a part of their costs to attend. Please check your advanced paperwork for details.

9. Please note that the parking garage prices are subject to change. They are controlled solely by the county of Volusia and neither Sports Network nor the Ocean Center have any ability to control or influence these prices or regulations that are in effect.

Those people coming strictly for the Fitness Challenge Championships fall into TWO main categories:
a) Schools STAYING AT THE PLAZA will COORDINATE THEIR PARKING DIRECTLY WITH THE HOTEL. They will simply come down and walk out onto the concrete court adjacent to the pool deck ready to go!

b) Schools NOT STAYING AT THE PLAZA will have TWO PRIMARY ways to get to the venue:
- All schools NOT STAYING at the Plaza are given a SINGLE PARKING PASS at event registration to park a SINGLE car or van (NOT A SCHOOL BUS) on-site in the designated open parking lot on the NORTH end of the Plaza Resort. ALL TEAMS parking in this lot will then have to walk COMPLETELY AROUND THE FRONT OF THE BUILDING and enter the competition deck area through the SOUTH MAIN ENTRY WALKWAY accessed directly from the front sidewalk on the northbound side of A1A between the hotel and the new hotel construction (do not go through the lobby). This walkway off A1A will lead you DIRECTLY to the back of the hotel and onto the Plaza Resort competition area.

- Schools with MORE than one vehicle or those with a bigger bus will likely pull up to the SOUTH MAIN ENTRY WALKWAY northbound on A1A and stop the vehicle. These vehicles will then allow the competitors and any gear to depart. The vehicles can then be moved to one of several areas:
- Head SOUTH on A1A and park in the garage just north of the Ocean Center (Cars and Vans only).
- Head NORTH and turn LEFT on Seabreeze Avenue and look for a free or metered parking space on either side of this one-way road (Cars and Vans only)
- Head NORTH and turn RIGHT at the light at Seabreeze Avenue and park on the BEACH next to the hotel (Cars and Vans only - $10 per day - remember, 33' is the MAX LENGTH of any vehicle allowed on the beach). NOTE: This is a GREAT IDEA if you have coolers with food and drinks - bring a tent and make your team HQ on the beach!
- If you have a BUS of any kind, you are STRONGLY recommended to EITHER drop the competitors off at the Plaza Resort and return to your hotel, OR drop off and then park your bus at the Ocean Center Parking Lot. SNI offers discounted bus parking passes at just $24 per day with unlimited in & out privileges. SALE OF THESE PASSES HAVE OFFICIALLY CLOSED BUT IF YOU STILL NEED ONE, CALL US IMMEDIATELY and we will see if we can shake one loose.

For complete parking information to include handicap parking info, times, regulation, etc., Go to this link: take the elevator to the ground floor and walk out onto the event area directly adjacent to the Plaza pool deck to the SOUTH. Banner and signs on site will make this clear...OR...

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