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Virginia Tech ROTC

The Virginia Tech campus is located in Blacksburg, Virginia; the central campus is roughly bordered by Prices Fork Road to the northwest, Plantation Drive to the west, Main Street to the east, and U.S. Route 460 bypass to the south with major highway access rolling just doen the road to mnake getting to the campus effortless. The Virginia Tech campus totals about 2,600 acres (11 km2) which makes it very easy to get around to the whole thing by foot. Each summer, Conference and Guest Services hosts more than 15,000 guests from 90 different groups in the Virginia Tech residence halls. The Nationals Drill Camp remaions honored to be amoung these groups in 2014.

Conference and Guest Services are proud to offer a 24-hour hospitality desk, located in New Hall West (for returning guests, New Hall West is in the next building beside Harper Hall where the service desk was located previously). A variety of services are available at the desk, including check-in/check-out, sports equipment and game rentals, laundry detergent, mail pick-up, and knowledgeable guidance to the Virginia Tech campus and Blacksburg area. A staff member is also on call during the evening hours in the event of an emergency.

The Virginia Tech has an awesome interactive map you can use on their website. It can show you pretty much everything on their entire grounds.

Please take a look through the topics listed in this section to become better acquainted with all aspects of the campus. Reading in this section will allow you to become better prepared and have a more organized and successful stay, whether you are a NDC attendee or just a chauffeur and lover of one!

Obviously, those who have read the news remember the horrible trajedy that occured here on the campus of Virginia Tech in April 2007 when the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history occurred. Twenty-three year old Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people on the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University campus in Blacksburg, Virginia, before taking his own life. As a sophomore, Seung-Hui Cho was ordered by a judge to seek outpatient care after making suicidal remarks to his roommates several years prior. While we all understsnd that our rifles do not shoot and have no ABILITY to shoot, sensitivities remain high and regulations regarding having rifles on campus are amopng the most stringent in the country. To that end, ALL CADETS who look to bring their own rifle to the camp are encouraged to do so however these rifles will be inspected by SNI upon check-in, and then will be amassed with all of the rifles brought by SNI and stored at the VaTech Capus Police Barracks for use each day. SNI will then sign the rifles in and out and have them available to our cadets at the designated practice area.

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