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2017 Navy Nationals
SOP Update/Clarification Page

Below are the event update/clarifications that have been implemented since
the initial posting of all event materials. These items listed below are found
in inverse chronological order to their date of implementation.

It could shape your
JROTC career forever

#1 - 01 September 2016: Update Page Set-up, Initial Items Posted
The website has been set with SOP and Scoresheets. Floor Diagrams remain unchanged from past years and are posted as well. Other items will be added in the coming months with the School Folder and other later needed items coming online NLT December 10th.

#2 - 22 March 2017: Inclement Weather Update
Should the call be made that weather is too dangerous to compete outside, the running events will be canceled and the Push-ups and Curl-ups will be moved to an indoor location. With the reduction of two team events, the point totals will be adjusted to maintain the same ration of scoring between events. Since there will NOT be two events held the value of the other events will be reduced to 91.6% of their original total. For example, instead of 1,000 maximum points for academics it will be 916. Again, this is done to make the scoring balanced and to not penalize any team.

Thank You,
Justin Gates, Competition Director
Team Sports Network

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